Things You Should Always Have In Your Car

Car Jack & Lug Wrench
Flat tires happen no matter how good your car is or how new your tires are. Replacing a flat tire is easier than you think but it will be a lot easier if you have the proper tools. Remember the movie ‘General’s Daughter?’ The investigator needed help from the general’s daughter because he did not have a lug wrench. A car jack will also come in handy in case you are stuck in the mud, for example. That’s also why all cars come with a spare tire.

Spare Tire
A spare tire usually comes with the car unless you remove it. The tire though is usually smaller than your regular tires and can only last limited miles. Its purpose is just for you to drive to a nearest repair shop. However, you can replace the spare tire with a regular one when you replace your regular tires.

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