Careers by Zodiac Sign

Pisces are intuitive, passionate, empathetic, and creative. They should be drawn to careers that allow for self expression. They would enjoy careers as stylists, social workers, filmmaker/photographer, counselor, and psychiatrists.

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66 Responses to Careers by Zodiac Sign

  1. psyberimp says:

    If one uses the zodiac to link an individual to careers, one has to take into account the individual’s entire zodiac chart. The ascendant is very important, because it determines the planets that fall into the houses. The planet on the mid heaven has a great influence on the careers an individual will be attracted to. A person’s Mercury sign will also play a significant part in career attraction. Just because a person is a particular sun sign doesn’t mean that they will necessarily be attracted to the careers associated with that sun sign. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter which is associated with theology, but an individual Sagittarius may be an atheist. Aries is ruled by Mars which is associated with the armed forces, but an individual Aries may be an anti war activist. An Aries sun person with Mercury in Pisces may be attracted to Pisces type of careers, like caring work or creative endeavors. Many careers were left out in the above lists, for instance Scorpio has a link to occult careers, like psychic and astrologer, Gemini has a link to careers like dispatch, warehouse labor, courier, and postal work, Aries has a link to martial careers like military and police work, and Capricorn has a link to careers revolving around discipline and duty like military, police, and corrections officer work. A Capricorn with a Pisces rising, and many planets in Aquarius, including Mercury, is less likely to be attracted to careers that Capricorn and Saturn are associated with.

  2. Darian says:

    I’m a Taurus and I Wanted to be an accountant for many years, I always found interior design interesting and I’m going to cosmetology school in November. 10/10

  3. Kathleen says:

    Woah okay so I’m a Taurus and I’ve been wanting to be an architect since I was in the 4th grade and when my description said that, I kinda freaked a little

  4. Anonymous says:

    Not very accurate.Im a gemini and I dont want to be any of the things listed or like the things listed

  5. Kaila says:

    Im a sagittarius and hate all things that have to do with religion! And my worst grade is my Language arts grade and I would do anything to get out of doing research… The only thing they got right about me is traveling but there aren’t really any jobs I like that travel..

  6. Rae says:

    Accounting? Financials? I’m a Capricorn and I’m horrible with numbers. Rating: 0. Sorry, I’m going to be a firefighter or a vet.

  7. Elysse says:

    I normally find astrology to be hogwash but personally I found this to be on point… Yeah sports!! #Aries
    Like they basically named the field that I am currently studying at univeristy.

  8. nicole says:

    wow its crazy how accurate this is…

  9. say-- says:

    I think pisces and cancer should be switched, or at least have cancer have something like psychologist. I feel like they’re the most willing to help people.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Aquarius: currently studying Aviation Management. So travel and management. This is uncomfortably accurate.

  11. Aries says:

    “tend to seek employment in the sales, public relations, sportscaster.”
    well.. public relations has something to do with photographer, stunt person and actor! 🙂
    but not sure with vet and architect??

  12. Delaney says:

    I’m a Virgo and I’m definitely interested in a career involving writing or detective work. However, I’m also thinking about being a makeup artist, which has nothing to do with any of those.

  13. ali says:

    Holy mother of jesus christ!!!
    this is so true that is just plain creepy!! currently studying management!!

  14. Jess says:

    I’m a Pisces but I don’t want to do anything social or creative. I want to be a zoologist

  15. anonymous says:

    I’m a Pisces and I’m a cop/reserve in the Army National Guard. So sorry, but wrong.

  16. k says:

    I’m a taurus and I want to be a writer so nope.

    • Bianka says:

      I’m also a Taurus who wants to be a writer, but maybe you were born on the cusp from Taurus to Gemini (May 19-23) such as myself, which means you would share traits with Taurus AND Gemini, and the Gemini careers are MUCH more accurate to the both of us.

  17. Ana says:

    This is wrong for me, Im a pisces and I want to be graphic designer or a surgeon, mostly a surgeon. surgen is not very close to what they said. but I may just be a fluke, lol these things are fake anyhow.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Research and novelist, huh? Fits perfectly :’D

  19. evie says:

    cancer – and nursing’s pretty close so i’ll take it!

  20. Karen says:

    No, just no. I’m a Scorpio, but I want to be a photographer, forensic lab technician, or an entertainer.

  21. Beth says:

    Taurus – not even sort of! I’m the exact opposite of all it said…

  22. Aurore says:

    yes though

  23. Kareen says:

    Holy shit!! This is completely absolutely true!!! Omfg I so wanna be a journalist AND novelist/writer!! <33

  24. Liz says:

    Woo! I’m a virgo and it says I’d like to do detective work and I want to be a forensic scientist which is like detective work so yay me

  25. kayleigh says:

    It’s true! I truly want to be a truck driver so traveler is true =)

  26. f. says:

    what kind of witch craft is this I’m Taurus and I have a love for architecture and cosmetics wth.

  27. Lani. c says:

    AHH i do want to be a psychiatrist 😀

  28. Deanna says:

    I’m a capricorn….and says I should look into computer programming, financial planning, and accounting….I suck at math. And I don’t like a challenge… er.

  29. Jade says:

    Yes! I am Virgo and I want to be an author (and of course something on the side) and it said writing would be a good career 😀

  30. Capricon Girl says:

    Not very accurate to me. I want to be a Zoologist. Though its accurate for my friend who is also a Capricorn. She wants to be an accountan, not because of the reason given though. She just wants money

    • Also a Capricorn girl says:

      In astrology, there’s the sign you’re born into-so since you’re a Capricorn, you were born in late December-January, right? But there’s also an ascendant sign that supposedly dictates how you are to become later in life. The ascendant is decided by the time you were born, I believe. So I am a born Capricorn, but because I was born at 5 in the morning, my ascendant is Sagittarius. So, although I am Capricorn and will retain traits from the Capricorn sign, I will supposedly develop traits more like those under the Sagittarius sign.

      The career fields on here weren’t accurate for me under the Capricorn listing, but were through the Sagittarius listing.

      If you want to find out your ascendant, I highly suggest creating a birthchart on gives you a whole rundown on how your personality is, and how you will become and such. It’s pretty interesting, so I just thought I’d share 🙂

  31. quiteamerican says:

    Aquarius, what about being a historian??

  32. Alex says:

    I am a Libra and I have anxiety..and I want to be a drummer…but its pretty accurate for me when I was younger.

  33. TayBay says:

    How the hell did this thing even KNOW I was a Pisces????

    P.S. I LOVE photography! I never go anywhere without my Canon T3i

  34. Russell says:

    Libra, I mean it said human resources and I’d love that, but I’d love to be a model more.

  35. f. says:

    I’m a taurus, and i’ve always wanted to be an architect or interior designer this is beyond creepy wow.

  36. Mercedes says:

    I’m a cancer and it’s right about the emotional stuff, and I really want to be a high school English teacher, but I also really want to be a writer c:

  37. Abigail says:

    This is creepy accurate!

  38. ぁら says:

    I’m Leo but I don’t think I have the courage to perform in front of an audience so i don’t think any of those suggested up there suits me. *shrugs*

  39. Mitchel says:

    So accurate! I’m a Taurus and I was planning to be a cosmetologist.

  40. m says:

    accounting, financial planning, computer programming.. completely wrong for Capricorn in my opinion. I have always wanted to do something adventurous and I definitely do not want to work in an office.

  41. b says:

    Another great job for Pisces is one that works with foreign languages!!

  42. Kyle says:

    And for you left brained Pisces consider engineering and design

  43. Hannah says:

    Not Accurate for Aquarius. We’re way to free spirited to be any of that.

  44. melissa says:

    Cancer they need to add Massage Therapist if fits the category well ^.^

  45. Austin says:

    Ehh im a virgo. not really neat and tidy. and i really like to draw more. what does this say about me…..

  46. Marissa says:

    Ehh it’s right about the adventurous part and want to travel. ♐ Sagittarius

  47. LeeAnne says:

    Yeahhhh. Not accurate. At all. Complete opposite of who I am in fact. Don’t claim that these things work for everyone cause they sure don’t.
    Worked in sales. Hated it. Public relations? I hate people. Sportscaster? I don’t even like sports all that much. I can enjoy a good game but why would I dedicate my life to talking about sports players I don’t like. And game plays I don’t understand.

  48. Rae says:

    Holy shit.

    Totally on dot with me

  49. susan says:

    Scorpio is pretty accurate. I wouldn’t mind being a researcher, psychiatrist, or a private eye.

  50. michael S. says:

    science or inventing for me, nice!

  51. johny says:

    wow, I have always wanted to become a veterinarian.. spot on!

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