The Most Incestuous Fantasy Characters of All Time

Despite the moral, ethical, scientific, or legal problems, incest has not ceased to exist in the fantasy world. Let’s start with the classic.

Mother – Son
The glaring example of incest in the history of literature is the Greek play Oedipus the King. Filled with elements of Greek mythology, in this play the protagonist Oedipus kills his father Laes, the King of Thebes and marries his mother Jocasta. He has children with his mother. Oedipus is horrified when he learns what he has done and blinds himself with Jocasta’s hairpins. Based on this play, well known psychologist Sigmund Freud came up with Oedipus complex. This has been highly debated because although Oedipus shared an incestuous relationship with his mother, it was unintentional. He was a victim of fate. Nevertheless, this goes down as one of main and earliest example of incest.

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