How to Overcome Social Awkwardness

The first thing you need to do in this regard is learn to control your mind. When the nervousness starts to set in, try to calm your mind. Use breathing exercises. Simply telling yourself that everything is and will be fine is a great way to boost self confidence.

Take the lead: Introductions – you dread them the most, but they will be the ice-breaker for you. In a social gathering, approach people – those in proximity to you or those unengaged. Apply the basic rules of interaction – speak politely, maintain eye contact, and offer a greeting with your name. This is your first interaction with the person; do not get into overly personal details. Observe the person’s demeanor. If the person needs to rush elsewhere, don’t hold him/her to endless chatter.

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4 Responses to How to Overcome Social Awkwardness

  1. boy says:

    will you go out with me? ^^

  2. girl says:

    are you an Socially awkward.

    no. I’m not following this advice just because of that mistake.
    just no.

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